Hepco & Becker Engine Skid Plate Honda XL750 Transalp 2024-

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Please note: Skid plate can only be installed in combination with 501.9539 found HERE.

Hepco & Becker Skid plates are a top notch protection option for ADV bikes. Hepco designs their skid plates with 3-4 mm thick aluminum bent and welded together to surround the bottom of the engine casing for optimal protection. Skid plates will protect everything from the engine case itself, the headers/downpipes, radiators/oil coolers, and any other components found in that area. Something as simple as a rock or some other road debris can cause serious damage. Like hopping curbs? A skid plate will protect you from any potential hits. 

Note 1: Keep in mind that many aluminum skid plates are large once piece items. They can resonate with the sound of the engine and make it louder or just sound different. We have sound deadening tape available here

Note 2: Due to the nature of the skid plates and their positioning, it may be necessary to remove the skid plate for service and maintenance.


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Brand Hepco & Becker
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Product Skid Plates