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 This is the most effective way to find parts that specifically fit your bike such as a windshield or crash bar. Hover the mouse over the Shop By Bike drop down and select the manufacturer for your bike. This will then take you to the page where you can scroll down to select your specific model bike; this page is sorted by engine size from small to large. In the bike category chosen, you will find all bike specific parts available along with universal parts. There is a filter on the left hand side of the page that allows you to filter options to help you find the part you are looking for. 

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Hepco & Becker Luggage Explained:

One example might be trying to find what type of luggage you would like for your bike whether it is a tank bag, top case, side cases, or soft luggage. By browsing the Shop By Bike category to find your bike, you will see all the available mounting options that are specific to your motorcycle. For example, if a rear rack is shown for your bike then you will have the option to mount any hard top case from the hard luggage category. Here is a bit more on that below.

Top Case
Hepco & Becker offer a Rear Rack, Rear Alurack, and Rear Easy Rack for most bikes; that all allow fitment of hard top cases from Hepco & Becker. The standard Rear Rack from Hepco & Becker often applies to older motorcycle models as that is the first rear rack design to be made available, it will be set apart from the other racks because it will be made completely out of tubular steel. The Rear Alurack is cast aluminum that has a modern look to it. The Easy Rack differs to the Alurack because the top bow has the option to fold down when not in use. Each of these mounts will accept any hard top case from Hepco & Becker. Any rear rack from H&B will work with a H&B C-Bow carrier or side carrier for that same model bike unless stated otherwise. All top cases have accessories available such as backrests that are sold separately. 

Side Cases
To mount side cases, you will need either a side carrier or complete rack. The side carrier only allows for side cases to be mounted on the bike whereas the complete rack is a combination of both rear rack and side carrier allowing both top and side cases be mounted. Once you have chosen the mounting system for your bike, you can choose from any of the hard sided cases in the Hepco & Becker product range. Gobi and Xplorer cases for example, are the most popular for adventure touring bikes. Junior and Journey cases offer an elegant but rugged solution to your every day motorcycle luggage needs. The Alu standard and Alu Exclusiv are classic all aluminum designs executed to a high quality. Some Hepco & Becker side carriers are available as “Lock-It” side carriers which allows quick and easy removal of the mounting frames from the bike by using a quarter turn fastener. All that gets left behind are the base mounting tabs that are hardly noticeable when compared to the full kit.

For sport bikes, a luggage rack that goes in place of the passenger seat is available; known as the Sportrack from Hepco & Becker. This Sportrack mounts just like the passenger seat but instead of a cushy place for another passenger you have a nice flat aluminum plate with holes to strap down your belongings. You then have the option to attach a rear magnetic tank bag, enlargement rack, or duffel bag of your choosing. 

C-Bow Bags
Hepco & Becker offer a C-Bow Carrier mount for over 200 different motorcycle models. The mounting system is called the C-Bow carrier because it consists of a very discrete C shaped mounting plate that accepts lockable luggage ranging from hard waterproof cases, soft bags, leather, and even canvas options. All of the C-bow luggage options can be found in the category C-Bow bags under the Soft Luggage category. Some bags have matching top bags to go with. For example, the Royster has both a rear tank bag and tank bag available. The Orbit side case is the only C-Bow option to have a matching hard top case. 

Leather Bags
Leather bags for the side of your motorcycle come in two different versions being the C-Bow only version and the Leather Bag Holder version. The C-Bow only version is by far the most popular and will only work with the C-Bow carrier. The standard version of the leather bag gives you the option to mount the bag on either a standard side carrier or leather bag holder. The difference between a Hepco & Becker side carrier and leather bag holder is the shape of the frame. The side carrier is shaped like a rectangle and accepts Hepco & Becker hard luggage where the leather bag holder is shaped like a rhombus and does not accept hard luggage. Since the introduction of the C-Bow carrier, leather bag mounts have become less and less popular. The hardware that comes with these leather bags allow you the choice to position the mounts to your liking. Leather bags that are mounted to an existing rear rack are simply strapped down and do not need a special mounting system. Most leather bags have matching top bags to complete the full touring setup. 

Tank Bags
Hepco & Becker have come out with magnetic tank bags that lock to the bike using the tank ring of the motorcycle or a custom mount for those bikes that do not have a typical tank ring. The tank ring can be found in your bike specific category under Shop By Bike whereas the tank bags can be found under the Shop By Product category.