The Moto Machines Price Match Guarantee

We will gladly match any item that is sold by a US seller based on the certain criteria:

  • Seller must be an authorized dealer of Moto Machines
  • Product must be new
  • Product must be in stock and must match the same variation such as color
  • Only advertised pricing will be matched


Any of the following criteria does not qualify the price to be matched:

  • Any item being offered on an auction site such as eBay or Craigslist
  • Verbal offers
  • Online offers where a coupon or extra step is required to receive the product
  • Closeout and discontinued items no longer available 
  • Any item less than $50


If you have an item eligible for a price match guarantee, please send us an email with a link to the website page of the item in question along with your contact information. After we have the chance to review the request, we will contact you with instructions on how to place your order. Alternatively, you may fill out the following form.