About Moto Machines


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Moto Machines offers the most instock accessories for over 700 motorcycle models, with exclusive imports from Hepco & Becker, Ermax, Amphibious Dry Equipment, and Pyramid Plastics. We are a family owned business based in Sterling, Virginia, dedicated to providing quality and versatility so you can build the ultimate bike.

Our Story

Alan and Ed Stiley, father and son — one considering retirement, the other contemplating his future — founded Moto Machines in 2011.

With a fresh degree in business from Radford University and a knack for flipping bikes, Ed was ready to pursue something involving motorcycles. Alan had just left a career in aviation interested in starting his own automotive business. So naturally, they planned a trip to Dealer Expo in Indianapolis for inspiration.

Meeting with other business owners at the show, many shared caution about the recent recession and told Alan and Ed to stay away. But they didn’t listen.

Instead, the two landed a great opportunity with some choice suppliers and hit the ground running. And as any small business owner will tell you, the first year was a year full of mistakes and a long learning curve. But they didn’t give up. Moto Machines attended every show within a two day’s drive and continued to build and refine their operations.

What’s made Moto Machines successful is the quality of service and industry expertise they provide their customers. We know every rider wants something different. Our aim is to provide the best and broadest selection of products to help them build that ultimate bike.

Our Progress

Moto Machines started out in 2011 renting space from another company in their 1,800 square foot warehouse. Things were tight and fustrating at times, especally with two businesses in the same location with the same front door. Our inventory soon outgrew the rented warehouse space along with 2 rented storage units we had across the street. 

In 2012 we decided to bite the bullet and move to a 3,500 square foot warehouse as the stock control of 3 different locations was overwhelming.  Although it made sense financially we had to consolidate our inventory in order to allocate more time to focusing on the operations. This was the same year we had our first major website redesign which focused on being as simple as possible. 

As our inventory grew so did the need for a modern webite that was up to date. In 2018, we launched the latest website redesign which took a year in the making. We hope this new website will provide an even simpler process to find the products that you are looking for. We are continuing to develop and improve this website in effort to provide the best shopping experience possible.  

Our Team

As you know, Moto Machines was founded by father and son who both have a passion for the motorcycle industry. It was only fitting that we hire employees who shared the same passion.

We hired our first employee in 2013 as soon as we could afford to do so. We take pride saying that all of our past and current employees have come from life long friendships and organizations such as Radford University.