Moto Machines is proud to be the importer for the following brands

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Hepco & Becker

Hepco & Becker is a German company that offers the widest range of luggage and protection in the industry such as rear racks, side carriers, complete racks, engine guards, tank guards, hard luggage, soft luggage, tank bags, and more. The company has items dating all the way back to the 1970's and has a current catalog for over 700 different motorcycle models.

That’s a lot of variety. Before you buy, use our cheat sheet to identify which luggage system your bike has.

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Ermax is a plastics technology company at the forefront of aerodynamic design and 3D engineering for motorcycles. Their products include everything from windshields and seat covers to belly pans, air scoops, and undertails. Founded in Marseilles, France, by Roger Sabater in 1978, Ermax continues to grow in size and respect.

We love Ermax for its unique selection of products for each model. You can truly make the bike yours with a variety of colors and designs built to factory specs. Browse their spectrum of windshields.

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Amphibious Products

Amphibious designs waterproof and seal tight bags that protect contents from water damage, humidity, dust, sand, and dirt. While the company initially made durable products for outdoor sports like climbing, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, rafting, spelunking, hunting, and fishing (just to name a few), they eventually added motorcycling. And they’re italian, so you know it’s true craftsmanship.

Be sure to check out the Amphibious Moto Bag, Upbag, and Soft Seat.

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Pyramid Plastics

This iconic motorcycle brand, mother of the classic Extenda Fenda mudguard kit, produces made-to-order parts and accessories for ultimate fit and performance. Find innovative products like the rear hugger, shock guard, and frame infill panels.

What’s the Extenda Fenda? Take a look.


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Evotech Performance

Longtime experience meets leading-edge technology in the Evotech lab, which is equipped with 3D scanning, 3D printing and a complete CNC manufacturing plant. Evotech focuses on upgrading old parts with new materials and designing new accessories made to solve age-old problems.

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Krauser have been the leading luggage solution for classic BMW motorcycles since they have been available as an optional accessory in 1971. Soon after, BMW realized how popular the bags became in such a short period and contracted to make the bags available through BMW. This allowed a BMW customer to purchase the bags as an optional extra. 

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MIVV Exhausts

MIVV have been a world leading supplier of exhausts since 1969. The company takes pride in designing and producing high-tech motorcycle exhausts designed and manufactured to meet the needs of motorcycle manufacturers and motorcyclists themselves. Their aim was and always is the same: to provide reliable exhaust terminals capable of guaranteeing the best performance and emotions.


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Moto Machines

Moto Machines sells Premium Motorcycle Accessories along with other items such as apparel.