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  1. Scorpion Exhausts - World Leading Performance now In Stock

    Scorpion Exhausts - World Leading Performance now In Stock

    Moto Machines is pleased to announce it is the new representative for Scorpion Exhausts in the United States. The addition of Scorpion Exhausts to the range of brands represented by Moto Machines is part of a growth plan focused on premium quality products for discerning riders. Scorpion Exhausts is a world leading performance brand handcrafted in England near the Donnington...

  2. Motorcycle Tank Bags. The New Luggage Alternative.

    Motorcycle Tank Bags. The New Luggage Alternative.

    Have you ever wanted one more luggage alternative to choose from? Panniers and top cases are awesome for sheer volume when you are traversing the globe, but the reality is most people do not need that amount of storage for day to day life. This is where motorcycle tank bags come in; ranging in size from just enough room for your wallet, ear plugs, and pack of gum to the ability to fit a whole six pack! Whatever your desire, there is an option for you.

  3. Hepco & Becker Motorcycle Handlebar Protection Guards

    Available for a select amount of models, especially those geared towards off-road travel, is the handle protection set from Hepco & Becker. These bars give the extra protection needed when hand and handle protection is critical. Made of steel tubing, these guards bolt right into the top of the steering column, and also fasten into the end of the handlebars. No drilling is required, and can be used in conjunction with the OEM hand-guards.


  4. Hepco & Becker Headlight Guards!

    For several adventure and touring style motorcycles, Hepco & Becker designed a wire mesh protection plate for headlights. These grilles are recommended and approved for both road and off-road use, as they will protect the expensive headlight from any flying debris that may cause damage during riding. All headlight grilles are easy and straightforward to install, and made to fit each specific headlight shape. 

  5. Gobi Hard Luggage Cases By Hepco & Becker

    The Gobi luggage system from Hepco & Becker offers a roomy and robust option for motorcycle luggage. Made from double walled, impact resistant ABS plastic, these cases are among the toughest on the market. The Gobi's offer a 38L carrying capacity for the side cases, and a 42L capacity for the top case, which is enough to fit a full faced helmet. 

    The double walled design provides enough protection to ensure that these cases can take a beating and maintain their structural integrity, when most other cases would be left in the dust. 

    Also doubling as a water well, the Gobi's have the option to use the double wall lining as a  storage space for water, with the attachment of the water tap. 

    Color options include Alu Optics, Black, and Black Edition, which features added strap loops, and reflective strips for maximum visibility. A dark gray option is also available, to match the old style KTM OEM cases. 

    Other accessories include strap loops, inner bag, and a back rest for the top case.

  6. Moto Machines First Post!

    Moto Machines First Post!
    You'e found our firt blog post! 

    Check back here periodically for updates, news, and information about all of our wonderful products! 

    To help start this blog off right, use Promo Code: 5off for 5% off of your total purchase!

  7. Ermax Motorcycle Windshields

    One of Ermax's most popular items would without a doubt be the aftermarket windshield. Available for a vast range of makes and models, these windscreens come in different styles, sizes, and colors. From Sport Screens, to Touring Windshields, Ermax covers all the bases when it comes to wind protection. Each windshield is specifically designed to fit each motorcycle make, meaning they not only have a practical application, but allow for a stylish add-on as well.

    Available colors include, but not limited too:
    Light Black

    Dark Black





    Fluorescent Green

    Sky Blue
    Fluorescent Yellow 
    Fluorescent Orange
    Satin Gray
    Satin Black
    Satin Blue
    Satin Clear

  8. Ermax Scoops For Your Motorcycle Radiator

    Combining aesthetics with functionality, the Ermax Scoops add that extra bit of style to your motorcycle, while providing an increase in air flow to the radiator for a greater efficiency in cooling your engine. 

    The scoop is ready to be bolted on, as it is specifically made for each bike, even coming in factory matching color options. 


  9. Ermax Rear Motorcycle Huggers

    The Ermax Rear Hugger provides the perfect balance of style and under-body protection from mud and debris. Each Ermax hugger is a cinch to install, requiring just a few screws, with absolutely no drilling required. Available in unpainted, as well as factory-matching color options, with some bikes offering two-tone or tri-color options. 


  10. Ermax Motorcycle Seat Covers

    The seat cover, otherwise referred to as a seat cowl, is an essential accessory for those wishing to add that sleek, racing look to their motorcycle. 

    The Seat Cover by Ermax provides a custom design for each passenger seat, that is literally a snap to take on and off. Using a couple of brackets, this cowl can be attached/detached in a matter of seconds. 

    Using factory color matching options, Ermax takes bike customization to the next level!

    Colors available include, but certainly not limited to:
    Satin Black
    Satin Blue
    Blazing Orange
    Satin Gray


    Satin Blue and Black
    Yellow and Black

    Red and Black
    White and Black

    Anthracite Gray

    ...and many more!


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