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  1. The Honda Africa Twin

    Taking the Lead

    Yamaha may have dominated the early long distance races of the1980s, but after the debut of the NXR750 in 1985, Honda swept four consecutive Paris-Dakar rallies. The Honda NXR750 Africa Twin winning in 1986 and 1987. This was the first ever water-cooled motorcycle to win the desert race. An upgraded model, the NXR800, went on to win in 1988 and 1989.

    Inspired by the success of the NXR750, Honda developed a production model for long distance touring. Something that could handle difficult terrain. Enter the Honda XRV650 Africa Twin (and later XRV750).

    Painted up in racing colors, the Africa Twin became an iconic bike for those seeking a little adventure. And more recently, National Geographic premiered a show Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakarwhich retraces the treacherous journey across mountains, deserts, and gorges celebrating the glory of the Dakar Rally and the Africa Twin.

    The Comeback

    Not familiar? The original Africa Twin was never imported to the US, and production ceased in 2003. But Honda revived the Africa Twin line last year with the CRF1000L, and this time it’s available in the States.

    A compact alternative to the trending oversized adventure motorcycle models, the new Africa Twin CRF1000L model features a 998 cc, 2-cylinder engine up to 94 HP, 7500 RPM, and 248 miles per tank (5 gal).

    Customizable and Tough

    An adjustable, ergonomic seat makes it easy for riders to find a comfortable height to reach the ground. It also comes with a choice between a standard six-speed manual gearbox or the Honda exclusive automatic six-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT), plus two primary balance shafts for minimal vibration and a smoother ride.

    The CRF1000L is the first adventure bike with a DCT, making long journeys more accessible to riders with conditions that make shifting via foot or hand difficult. It’s also the most affordable 1000cc touring bike on the market. This leaves no room for excuses. Get out there.

    Go Wherever You Want

    Whether you’re shopping for a new touring bike or riding an older model, the Africa Twin has an impressive history and proven reliability.

    Prepare for your journey with Hepco and Becker engine guards, hard cases, and windscreens. Moto Machines carries premium accessories for all Africa Twin models.

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