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Roel and Azure

Roel and Azure ride around the world on a Honda Africa Twin and Honda Transalp. The two riders met in Australia and quickly found that they share the same passion for life in an epic motto; "Life is much too short: Order dessert first!". 

Roel finished his studies to garner some office experience with PriceWaterhouseCooppers and Philips consumer Electronics. He soon decided that he was not meant to sit behind a desk and joined the Dutch Army learning much about survival skills and perseverance that would help his transition into life on two wheels. Roel left the Netherlands in 2009 on his Honda Africa Twin to complete an overland journey to Australia that would take him 14 months to complete. This journey took him through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Thailand. From Thailand he continued the ride through Malaysia, Indonesia, and finally made it to Darwin, Australia. Upon destination, he started working at a Pearl Farm moving onto a winery, and then a dive school where he would meet his partner in crime, Azure.  

Azure had been fortunate to travel to Ecuador, the Galapagos, Europe, South Africa, and while in college; a semester at sea. After graduation from the George Washington University, she secured a job in conference planning that took her all over the U.S. Despite the travels, this still left her wanting more as the US is just one of many countries. Azure took up a friends offer moving to Australia and working in the wine industry. After almost a year in the country, she dived the Great Barrier Reef which is where she met Roel. 

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Aaron is a man of many hobbies. The first and most important of course being motorcycles; followed by overlanding in his Land Rover Discovery and paddle boarding. The man has spent a considerable amount of time on two wheels shifting his time between speed racing to advenure riding and almost everything in-between. He is well known in his local biker community for co-founding a popular biker group and helps organize as many bike meets as time allows. 

We teamed up with Aaron to deck out his Buell Ulysses with Hepco & Becker Xplorer cases before he set out on an East Coast tour that would take him 26 days to complete. This tour took him through 20 states and 7 national parks while logging 5,221 miles while doing it. We were lucky to meet Aaron on his way back to Texas. As if talking to the guy didn't do him justice, it was clear to see he is a literal sponsor of "BIKE LIFE" with motorcycle themed tattoos to go with.     

We are currently working with Aaron to get his Honda Grom adventure ready! See what he is planning here

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