TST LED Front Flushmount Turn Signal Honda / Yamaha Models

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Toss those bulky stock signals in the spare parts bin and upgrade to the LED Front Flushmount Turn Signals. Pair these with a set of Wire Harness Converters for an easy, plug-and-play installation (Harness Converters are sold as a pair). SOLD AS A PAIR 


  • Comprised of 12 bright amber LEDs in each signal
  • Available in clear or smoked lens
  • Optional harness converters for plug and play installation
  • Signals only, NO running light

Upgrade your motorcycle by ditching those stock front signals and replacing them with the TST Industries LED Front Flushmount Signals. Each unit consists of 12 super bright LEDs and is available in either smoke or clear lens. These signals come with spacer that can be used during the installation process to allow for an easier installation. Our signals terminate in bullet connectors, which are not plug and play alone. If you wish to have a plug and play installation, meaning no wire cutting, splicing, or soldering, pair these signals with our Wire Harness Converter so you can spend less time worrying about wires and more time riding.

RUNNING LIGHT: These turn signals are "signal-only" indicators, meaning that a running light function is not built-in. But, if you wish to retain your existing stock running light function, simply pair these signals with our TST Running Mate and appropriate 3-3 harness converters for a plug-and-play solution.

HARNESS CONVERTERS: Harness Converters do NOT allow our signals to have a running light function. Our signals do not and cannot have a running light function. They do enable a simple and easy plug-and-play installation. Also not that harness converters are sold in pairs.

FLASH RATE: Installing aftermarket LED lights may make your signal flash rate speed up. Purchasing a flasher relay will correct this problem.

NON U.S. BUYERS: Riders outside of the U.S.A. have reported wire harness compatibility issues with our suggested TST Wire Harness Converters. Please verify that the Signal Plug Converters are compatible with the wiring harness on your specific bike. It is your responsibility to verify fitment before making a purchase.

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