TST LED Flasher Relay Gen2-E

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This relay will fix your flash rate problem caused by aftermarket signal lights and/or integrated tail light. If your signal lights flash too fast or do not flash, this part is your solution! Plug and play - easy installation.

Applications: See Applications Table below

Only ONE relay is needed per motorcycle.


  • Slows signaling flash rate back to the normal rate when your bike goes into hyperflash state (or your signals stay on constantly)
  • Adjustable functionality to speed up or slow down flash rate to your preference
  • Plug and play installation: simply replaces the relay already on your bike
  • Fits like OEM
  • Relay housing is flexible so that you can access the adjustment dial inside the unit

This component works with the following signal configurations:

    1. All stock
    2. Stock taillight, aftermarket signals
    3. Integrated taillight, stock signals
    4. Integrated taillight, aftermarket signals

PLEASE NOTE: The relay comes preset to 85 cycles per minute. You can alter the flash rate to make it faster or slower. If you slip off the grey cover you can access an adjuster that will enable you to change the flash rate to your liking. This relay enables the signals to be active / activated when the bike is turned off, so please ensure that your signals are properly turned off when parking or storing your bike to prevent unnecessary battery drain.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please make sure your bike uses a relay with a connector style as shown above for the signaling system. Please also note the pin configuration and make sure it matches what is on your bike. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO VERIFY FITMENT BEFORE MAKING YOUR PURCHASE.

American Applications

Model Years
Honda CB650F 2014-2018
Honda CBR650F 2018
Honda CMX500 Rebel 2017-2019
Honda CMX300 Rebel 2017-2019
Honda NC750X / XD 2018-2019
Honda CB500X 2013-2018
Honda CBR500R 2013-2018
Honda CB500 2013
Honda CB500F 2013-2018
Honda NC700S 2013
Honda NC700X / XD 2012-2015
Honda CTX700 2014-2018
Honda CTX700D 2014-2015
Honda CTX700N 2014-2018
Honda CTX700ND 2014-2015
Honda DN-01 2009
Honda Interceptor 800 VFR800 / FD Deluxe 2014-2015
Honda VFR1200F 2010-2013


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