TST Front Signal Plug 3-3 Harness Converters Select Honda Models

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TST Front Signal Plug 3-3 Harness Converters enable you to install aftermarket turn signals into the front of your Honda's wire harness without doing any cutting, splicing, or soldering. Simply plug them in, and your wiring job is done!


Model Years
Honda CRF250L Rally (FRONT ONLY) 2017, 2018, 2019
Honda CRF450L / CRF450RL (FRONT ONLY) 2019 - Current
Honda Africa Twin (FRONT ONLY) 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Honda CB1000R 2018, 2019
Honda CB650R (FRONT ONLY) 2019 - Current
Honda CB300R 2019

Sold as a PAIR

Some information in this video is out of date, such as the number of different harness converters we offer for each manufacturer.


  • Turns aftermarket signals into a "plug and play" installation
  • OEM Honda 7-pin style connectors terminate in female bullet connectors
  • Side specific converters - includes one pair of left and right side harness converters
  • Guaranteed to work with TST branded turn signals
  • Can be used with other aftermarket turn signals with compatible male bullet connector

Don't waste your time or risk making a mistake while cutting, splicing, or soldering your OEM wires to install aftermarket turn signals. Eliminate that entirely and turn your installation process into a simple plug-and-play procedure. Our TST Front Signal Plug 3-3 Harness Converters feature a Honda 7-pin connector on one end with a female bullet connector on the other. Simply plug your applicable turn signals into this harness adapter and then mate that setup to your Honda's OEM connector. Wiring job done. If you plan to pair these converters with TST Industries branded signals, rest easy knowing that we guarantee the fitment.

NOTE: Our converters come with three wires; however, if your signals only utilize two, simply leave the extra unattached.

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Fitment Bike Specific
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