Hepco & Becker Tank Guard SOLID Triumph Tiger 900 Rally / GT / Pro / 850 Sport 2020-2023

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Moto Machines and Hepco & Becker are proud to present the "SOLID" tank guard for your Tiger. 

My name is Ed and I am the owner of Moto Machines and a Tiger 900 Rally Pro. I was an early adopter of this bike and one of the first in Virginia to own one. This has helped us and Hepco & Becker to be at the front of every turn. Hepco & Becker first produced a tank guard for the Tiger 900 in the beginning of 2020. This guard has proved to provide ample protection being fixed to the bike at two points either side and one underneath the beak. As popularity for the bike has grown, so has the community surrounding the bike. 

It was soon foud out that the OEM bars can cause damage because of the way that they mount directly to the steering head column and how high up they are mounted. The H&B tank guard gaurds avoided this problem because they mount lower down and attach through a bracket to the front subframe versus directly to the steering head column. This has made the H&B guards the most popular choice on the market. The community surrounding the bike offered their feedback on how to improve an already great design to "bomb proof" it basically. The bomb proofing was to add an additional mounting point on the frame and additional cross brace from one side to the other. Moto Machines and Hepco & Becker decided to make use of the feeback and are now proud to present the "SOLID" guard which I am convinced is a rough German to English translation for "BOMB PROOF".

The nerdy stuff: the tank guard stands out with its 5-point connection to the motorcycle and additional stiffening plates at the lower junction. The 2 front cross braces provide a joining of the bracket stiffening plates leading to an optimal distribution of forces in the event of a fall or crash. Close-fitting design with the best possible weight distribution into existing frame points. The bracket can be combined with the original engine guard and skid plate. The innovative design with the high-strength coating is designed for the long run. With the function clearly in focus, it becomes clear that this crash bar was developed for tough, uncompromising use in difficult terrain. It is recommended that any crash bar be replaced after a fall. Weld seams and the material may have sustained invisible damage and thus no longer offer any protection in the event of another fall. Individual parts can be ordered from us via email without any problems.

  • Fits all Tiger 900 models and the Tiger 850
  • Fits with OEM lower engine guards from Triumph
  • Fits with both H&B and OEM skid plates
  • Allows for stock mounting of the fog lights
  • Does not attach direclty to steering column
  • 5 points of attachment to the bike
  • Comes with all hardware and instructions needed 
  • High quality coating available in black and white
  • Useful when strapping down the motorcycle
  • Stable round tubing made in Germany
5/19/2021 - The stainless version has just been released by Hepco & Becker and is available for preorder. We expect to have these in stock by the end of July to ship. 

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