Hepco & Becker Tank Bag Tank Ring Mount Yamaha Tenere 700 World Raid

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Hepco & Becker's robust tank bag mount has been specially designed to work on the Tenere 700 World Raid. It has been uniquely engineered to adapt to the double gas cap design of the World Raid keeping the ability to open both caps with the tank bag mount in place. This kit paired up with your favorite tank bag offering from Hepco & Becker is one of the most complete luggage systems out there. Nothing beats a quick detach tank bag for everyday items. Even better, it does not touch the surrounding tank, so the paint will not scratch!

Tankbags are found HERE

NOTE: Will not work with the Street Enduro M or Street Tourer XL bags. The Royster Tankbag can be used with the 6mm adapter.# 710.506 00 01


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Brand Hepco & Becker
Fitment Bike Specific
Product Tank Bag Mounts