Hepco & Becker Xtravel Pannier Kit

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The Pannier Xtravel bags are the larger side luggage option from the Hepco & Becker Xtravel lineup and the only ones to fit all motorcycle side carriers. The Xtravel line can be described as soft yet durable luggage designed for everybody; from the everyday commuter to the end-of-the-world traveler!

With 35 liters of space on each side, these motorcycle panniers are spacious enough to fit all of your needs and more. The sheer size makes them a viable alternative to the traditional hard cases we are all accustomed to. Like the traditional hard case, these bags are top loading for easy access and prevent your belongings from falling out. The overall design is a simple yet practical one intended to not over complicate things.

To attach the Xtravel panniers you will first have to mount the metal base plates to your side carrier which are included in this kit. These metal plates are mounted to your side carrier using the side carrier specific mounting kit that can be selected in the drop down selection. This kit will be specific to the brand of side carrier on your bikes such as Hepco & Becker, SW-Motech, or GIVI for example. After you have the base plates mounted you will be able to secure the pannier to the bike. At the top of the pannier there are two short G hook straps that will be used to hold the bag in place. Take these and slot them into the top gaps of the base plate so the pannier rests against the plate. You will find two similar straps on the bottom of the pannier. Unhook these and pass them through the gaps in the bottom of the base plate and then reattach them. Pull tight on these straps from the front of the bike to secure your Xtravel panniers. The kit comes with two straps that can be used to connect both bags across the seat of the motorcycle for added peace of mind.

Unlike other solutions, this one involves a simple install that can be completed in 15 minutes on average. The only instructions you really need, in our opinion, are those that just show the placement of where the adapters go. There is no measuring, cutting, or drilling required. The Xtravel panniers mount to the side carriers without anything attached on the backside of them so they can actually be used as a bag when off the bike. This is useful so there is nothing to hit your legs on when carrying them! That one may be from experience. Hepco & Becker have truly come up with an innovative way to attach soft bags to your motorcycle and the best part is how simple it is!

In addition to the way the bags mount which we see as a game changer is the pannier itself. The panniers have a top grab handle for easy handling of the bag when on and off the bike. Each exterior side has a MOLLE system as part of the structure which allows you to attach optional accessories. The front wall, back wall, and bottom contact patch are all made of abrasion-resistant tarpaulin that provides stability and facilitates cleaning. On top of this you have waterproof material for water beading to protect your belongings on the inside. This top portion is held tight thanks to an aluminum G clip that is pulled tight to keep the bag closed. There is a quick access exterior pocket with mesh divider in addition to the main luggage compartment to store items that you may need in a hurry such as a medical kit or snickers bar for when you’re not you. If you are looking for a top of the line soft bag that is easy to use and looks good at the same time, then look no further.

• Weight 8lbs per bag
• Size is 35 liters per bag
• Outside measurement 13.8 x 17.7 x 8.3
• Inside measurement 13.4 x 17.3 x 7.9

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upc 640.630 00 01
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