Helibars Handlebar Risers Honda VFR800 / VFR800 VTEC 2002-2013

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  • 1 1/4" (32mm) taller**
  • 1 1/2" (38mm) rearward**
  • All original cables and hydraulic lines are retained and bar end weights are accepted
  • Silver Powder Coat (the 2002-2013 model is also available in a black finish)
  • Exceptional build quality backed by a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee

2008 marked the 20th year of VFR HeliBars® production, and to celebrate this success they have re-engineered and re-styled this icon of sport touring comfort.

First they studied the immense amount of feedback they've received from their VFR customers over the years. The height, setback and angles of their current VFR800 HeliBars so perfectly matches the ergonomics of this machine that only a few desire any change at all. What some wished for was the ability to adjust the bars a bit higher. As always, they listened.

Their new VFR800 HeliBars receive a low profile clamping lug with one 8mm pinch bolt. This slimmer clamp allows the bar to be raised while still providing full clamping pressure on the fork tubes. A new riser tube with a smaller diameter and a thicker cross section was engineered to increase rigidity and strength while reducing the transfer of what little vibration emanates from the V-Four.

One of the best features of their new VFR HeliBars is the price. Because of their continued commitment to manufacturing improvement and the addition of new high speed, high precision CNC machines, they are able to offer the new VFR HeliBars without a price increase.

Ride with confidence knowing you are riding with the safest, most comfortable set of handlebars available.

**Please note that these are the true measurements taken at the wrist position, not at the fixing point or fork or triple clamp, the shape and angles of the HeliBars product give the final result required and indicated in the product description.

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