Helibars Handlebar Risers BMW S1000RR 2019- / M1000RR 2021-

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Power up your track performance. The BMW S1000RR / M1000RR is sleek and built for speed, with a close cockpit that folds you into an aggressive, streamlined stance that can be hard to hold over longer distances. And that full left lock? Tight, with too much interference, it can leave you with an aching, cramped left wrist.

One simple upgrade can change the way you feel about adding extra laps: HeliBars BMW handlebar risers. With ergonomics and engineering even BMW would envy, our bolt-on replacement handlebars let you expand your hand room and shift your center of gravity without cuts or custom mods. It’s your beautiful BMW—only better.

With more room to command and a more comfortable seat, you don’t have to slow down or trailer your bike to hit the street. High quality. Engineered and tested exclusively for the BMW S1000RR / M1000RR. And designed to set you free from aches, pains, and interference.

BMW S1000RR Specifications:

  • 31.75 mm taller (1 1/4")
  • 12.7 mm rearward (1/2" closer to rider)
  • Stock Width
  • Greater hand clearance

NOTE: These clip on bars are make model specific to the S1000RR and M1000RR, they do not fit the S1000R or M1000R.

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Brand Helibars
Fitment Bike Specific
Product Handlebar Risers