Visorcat Helmet Wash and Wipe Refill Bottle 250ml

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250ml Touring Bottle refill. This is the larger bottle sold for stock. The 50ml bottle is the small option that comes with the kit to begin with. 


  • Gentle cleaning for your visor and helmet
  • For use with or without your VISORCAT system
  • Made by Shift-It for VISORCAT
  • Recommended by Arai
  • removes flies, road salt, road spray, dust, road grime from your visor
  • clever cap design – twist top part of cap only to control flow
  • sturdy plastic bottle
  • handy size for longer trips – keep it in your luggage and refill your Visorcat pocket bottle
  • Biodegradable and gentle cleaning fluid (contains no salt)
  • Weight: 272g
  • Height: 20cms approx.
More Information
upc VC002
Brand Visorcat
Fitment Universal
Product Helmet Wipes
On Sale No