Twinmax Carburetor Balancer Tool With Case

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Until now carburettor balancers have used dial gauges, tubes containing mercury or spring loaded weights. Because each cylinder must have its own tube or gauge, this system has built-in inaccuracies due to the variances in manufacturing tolerances, friction differences, volumes of mercury or tension of springs in each of the gauges or tubes. As a result of this it is particularly difficult to ensure that each gauge or tube will give precisely the same reading on a given amount of vacuum.The TWINMAX is different and couldn't be simpler! The TWINMAX works by comparing the vacuum present on either side of a single pressure sensor and showing of the central zero on the meter. The carburettor being set up at that time is then adjusted until the meter reads zero, as two perfectly balanced sources of vacuum will give a meter reading of zero. No potential errors and only one reading to make at any time! For multi-cylinder engines, one of the cylinders is used as a reference cylinder and the other cylinders are balanced in turn to this reference cylinder - if each cylinder is precisely balanced to the reference cylinder they will also perfectly match each other. Many engines already have one cylinder set up for this purpose. Included with the Twinmax are:2 x Connecting Hoses, 70 cm in length1 x PP3 9v battery2 x Inner Sleeves for use with BMW motorcycle Bing carbs or Throttle Bodies, which have a narrow diameter vacuum take-off stub. The Sleeve is fitted over the stub before fitting the Twinmax Hose. Complete instructions for use. ■Use with any number of cylinders ■Suitable for fuel injection systems ■Absolutely accurate - to 1mm of mercury ■Electronic - no moving parts ■No Mercury, springs, weights or dials ■Use with virtually any machine! ■No need to keep the TWINMAX vertical! ■Portable ■Compact ■Easy to use
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upc TMAX-02
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