TST Y-Style Signal Harness Splitter Select Yamaha Motorcycles

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TST Y-Style Turn Signal Harness Splitters enable you to plug both an integrated tail light AND external rear pod signals into your Yamaha's wire harness without any cutting, splicing, soldering, or special tools - simply plug them in and you're done!


Yamaha MT-10 (Rear) | 2022, 2023, 2024
Yamaha MT-07 (Rear) | 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024
Yamaha MT-09 (Rear) | 2021, 2022, 2023


  • Enables the simultaneous use of two signaling configurations in the rear of your Yamaha motorcycle
    • For example: integrated tail light AND rear pod signals
  • Utilizes Yamaha OEM style connectors
  • Female Yamaha OEM connectors on one end with Yamaha signal connector on the opposite end
  • Commonly used with our LED Integrated Tail Light and our TST LED Pod Signals
  • Can be used with Yamaha stock signals

Have an integrated tail light but still want to run dedicated external turn signal, too? Our TST Y-Style Harness Splitter is here to make that wiring job as easy as plugging in the connectors! That's right - there's no need for special tools, cutting wires, or soldering. Simply mate the corresponding connectors and plug them in! This plug-and-play installation method ensures you can spend more time riding and less time stuck in the garage. Pair these Y-Style Harness Splitters with an LED Integrated Tail Light and your favorite LED Pod Turn Signals for an easy way to upgrade your Yamaha without modifying the stock wire harness.

NON U.S. BUYERS: Please verify that the Signal Plug Converters are compatible with the wiring harness on your bike. It is your responsibility to verify fitment before making a purchase.

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Brand TST Industries
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