TST Spooled Captive Chain Adjusters Honda Grom 2013-2020

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Perform chain adjustments and rear maintenance without the hassle of the chain adjusters constantly falling out of place. Our Captive Chain Adjuster kit is designed to stay in place while also providing a safe way of lifting the rear of your Honda Grom onto a paddock stand using the integrated spools. Want to add some color to your spools? No problem! Upgrade to the Womet-Tech Spools and choose between black, blue, gold, or red.


Honda Grom |2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020


  • Designed to stay in place during chain adjustment, maintenance, and rear wheel removal/installation
  • Enables precise and frustration-free chain adjustments
  • Included spools provide a safe and sturdy method of lifting your bike with a rear paddock stand
  • Fully compatible with Womet-Tech Anodized Aluminum Spools - available in multiple colors
  • CNC machined from high-quality aluminum
  • Axle block features precision engraved notches for accurate axle adjusmtent
  • Durable black anodized finish
  • Simple and easy installation

The Honda Grom is a fun-sized thumper that was built for fun, but sometimes you have to take a break from doing power slides across your neighbor's once-pristine driveway and pulling a sick wheelie during the getaway to actually do some real maintenance on your trusty steed. One of the more common things you have to do is adjust your Grom's chain, and if you've done this before, you know that the stock chain adjusters make you want to kick down the doors at Honda and personally fire the person in charge of designing them...at least that's our daydream, and we have it way too often, so we decided to do something about it.

Our engineers came up with an easy to install design that remains captive during wheel removal while also integrating spools to the CNC machined adjusters. That's what we call multi-problem solving! The captive design completely eliminates the frustration caused by the stock units falling out or shifting during maintenance while the spools add a much-needed feature that enables the ability to safely lift and secure the rear of your Grom using a rear paddock stand. The CNC machined axle blocks fit within the swingarm and have precision engraved notches to ensure correct axle installation and adjustment. The backplate adjustment bolt provides quick longitudinal axle block movement so you don't have to mess with having two wrenches and a prayer that things don't shift on you. Every turn of the adjustment bolt results in 1mm of travel to enable precise and easy to measure adjustments. Every component is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum alloy and features a gorgeous black anodized finish to add some stealthy style and increased durability.

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Brand TST Industries
Fitment Bike Specific
Product Chain & Sprocket