TST Spooled Captive Chain Adjusters Honda CRF300L / Rally 2021-

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Make simple and precise chain adjustments on your Honda CRF300L / Rally without worrying about the adjusters falling out of the swingarm or shifting during maintenance. Our Spooled Captive Chain Adjusters stay in place while also providing a safe and secure lifting point via the included CNC machined aluminum spools. Want to add some color to your spools? No problem! Upgrade to the Womet-Tech Spools and choose between black, blue, gold, or red. Applications: Honda CRF300L / Rally | 2021, 2022 SOLD AS A SET Installation


  • Designed to stay firmly in place during chain adjustment, maintenance, and rear wheel removal/installation
  • Enables precise and frustration-free chain adjustments
  • Included spools provide a safe and sturdy method of lifting your CRF300L with a properly outfitted rear paddock stand
  • Fully compatible with Womet-Tech Anodized Aluminum Spools - available in multiple colors CNC machined from high-quality billet aluminum
  • Axle block features precision engraved notches for accurate axle adjustment
  • Silver anodized finish seamlessly blends in with the stock silver swingarm
  • Simple and easy installation

We wanted a way to attach spools to our in-house CRF300L, and while we are at it, we figured we may as well make the solution captive so that it won't fall out or shift while you're working on your bike. And boy did we deliver! Our set of Spooled Captive Chain Adjusters bring a bit of technology reserved for sportbikes to the dual sport world. You can remove and install your rear wheel, all while these bad boys stay right in the swingarm, exactly where you left them. The included spools enable you to also safely and securely lift your trusty CRF without risking it falling off or sliding around on a rear stand. You can use a spool-accepting rear stand and trust that your bike isn't going anywhere. You'll receive our anodized black TST Spools by default, or you can upgrade to Womet-Tech spools that are available in a wide variety of colors. We CNC machined each Captive Chain Adjuster from high-grade 6061 billet aluminum alloy, then anodized the entire piece silver for a seamless finish that blends with the stock silver swingarm. Each block has precision engraved notches that ensure an accurate axle alignment and helps to eliminate the frustration that comes with rear wheel and chain maintenance. Do NOT mount or load the bike with rider weight while utilizing these with a properly outfitted rear paddock stand.

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Brand TST Industries
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Product Chain & Sprocket