TST MECH-GTR Front LED Turn Signals Yamaha FZ8

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Toss those boring OEM stock signals aside and give your Yamaha FZ8 front turn signals that complement the design and styling of your naked sportbike. Each signal packs a punch with a high power SMD style LED turn indicator and advanced lens optics, providing an extremely bright light output with modern and aggressive styling. With the TST HALO Running Light Module for GTR Turn Signals providing the running light, you can customize these signals to fit any look you're going for. Wiring diagram for North American models listed below!


Yamaha FZ8 | 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


  • Unique flush pod styling based on the supernaked aesthetic
  • Clear lens
  • LED running light provided by the TST HALO Running Light Module for GTR Turn Signals
  • Eight HALO running light color options available
  • Can be used with or without the HALO Running Light Module - comes standard with running light module
  • Advanced lens optics combined with our high-output SMD style LED produces an extremely bright signaling function
  • Uses our exclusive "ratchet mount" locking system that is easy to install, secure, and does not vibrate loose
  • Lens enclosure crafted from ABS virgin plastic that has been color and texture matched to factory motorcycle mounting areas
  • Plug and play signal lamp installation via bullet style wire connections

We were getting tired of seeing the same stock turn signals on every type of Yamaha that rolled into our shop, so we decided to do something about it. Enter the TST MECH-GTR LED Front Turn Signals. The aggressively styled turn signals continue the naked sportbike design language to provide a sophisticated and finished look rather than the OEM afterthought that is installed at the factory. The LED running light is provided by the included TST HALO Running Light Module for GTR Turn Signals and can be swapped for a different color module any time with a simple plug-and-play swap. The MECH-GTR enclosure is manufactured from virgin ABS plastic that is color and texture matched to Yamaha motorcycles, making these signals look and feel like they have belonged on your Yamaha FZ8 from the start.

RUNNING LIGHT: The running light color of your choice is ONLY designed to illuminate the base of the MECH-GTR signal - not the SMD LED signal housing.

FLASHER RELAY: Installing aftermarket LED lights may make your signal flash rate speed up. Installing an LED flasher relay will correct this problem. If you have not purchased or installed a flasher relay, we highly recommend adding the TST 2 Pin LED Flasher Relay Gen 2 to your order. Only one relay is required per motorcycle.

NON U.S. BUYERS: The electrical connector plugs on this particular product, as well as the signal unit housings, have only been verified to fit the North American models. If you are outside of US market, it is your responsibility to verify connector plug and fitment compatibility.

Left Signal (when on bike) Mech-GTR
Black Red
Blue Blue
Brown Black/Brown

Right Signal (when on bike)

Black Red
Blue Blue
Green Black/Brown

Please note this item is not DOT approved and may not comply with the laws and regulations in your area. See our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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