TST LED Flasher Relay Kawasaki Z125 2017-

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This LED Flasher relay fixes flash rate problems associated with installing aftermarket LED lights on your Z125.

Only ONE relay is needed per motorcycle.


  • Slows signaling flash rate back to the normal rate when your bike goes into hyperflash state (or your signals stay on constantly)
  • Hyperflash occurs when you install LED type turn signals to the front or rear of your bike
  • Adjustable functionality to speed up or slow down flash rate to your preference
  • Installation is easy but slightly more involved than "plug and play" due to the Z125 electrical harness (please see installation video)
  • Relay housing is flexible so that you can access the adjustment dial inside the unit
  • Verified fitment on USA spec Z125 (2017 model which arrived into the US in May, 2016)
  • Fitment on the Asian spec of the Z125 is currently unknown

After installing this relay with LED signals on the front AND rear, your instrument cluster signal indicator light will no longer function. This does not harm your bike in any way. Furthermore, with LED front flushmount signals installed, it is easier to see the signals flash than it is to see the dash indicator. In the case that just the front, or just the rear signals are converted to LED type signals, the dash indicator will remain functional.

This component works with most LED turn signaling setups. Integrated taillight and stock front signals, integrated taillight and front LED flushmount signals, front LED signals and stock rear signals, etc.

The relay comes preset to 85 cycles per minute. You can alter the flash rate to make it faster or slower. If you slip off the grey cover you can access an adjuster that will enable you to change the flash rate to your liking.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Our system has only been verified on the USA Spec of the 2017+ Z125. Do not purchase unless you are willing to put forth the effort to ensure compatibility and proper installation. We make no guarantees of product effectiveness for international versions of this bike until further notice.

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