Hepco & Becker Skid Plate Triumph Tiger 900 Rally / GT / Pro / 850 Sport Black

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This skid plate works with OEM crash bars and our Hepco & Becker guards; that do not bend! We have seen quite a few OEM bars bend and the jury is out on whether that is by design or failure. If you are in the market for crash bars, give our Hepco & Becker ones a look and I think you will be happy with them. 

PLEASE NOTE: When adding a large aftermarket skid plate to any bike, there is a possibility of mechanical sound being resonated from the engine. This can cause a change in engine sound that may not be expected. This is expecially possible with the Tigers because of the buzzy triple engines. Sound deadening is recommened to be lined on the inside of the plate if the sound is annoying. Most people are not concerned with the change in sound and if you are using the plate as intended as an offroad bash plate, it will not be noticed. 

After much debut, we now have the Hepco & Becker skid plate for the Tiger 900! We have been waiting for this just as long if not longer than you and it's here! If you are in the states you understand this bike came out early this year and almost 9 months later we have this baby!

And after that much wait it is nothing short of perfect. This skid plate has just enough height on it to capture all the crud kicked up off the rear tire before hitting the beautiful triple engine of yours. The front of the skid plate does not go up too high or too low to my personal liking. Most importantly it is a well vented skid plate to allow maximum cooling on your bike without putting that radiator or two into overdrive. The skid plate is also designed to have a bare aluminum bottom that sill slide off of rocks or debris instead of getting caught on them. 

In case this sounds right up your ally, I know what the typical Tiger 900 owner rides because I am one. My name is Ed and being the owner of the business I chose the best bike out there being the Tiger 900 which if you are reading this; I think you will agree. I did have some additional questions to Hepco & Becker about the plate. I was concerned it did not have a perfectly flat bottom or even reinforced plastic slide rails. Well the answer to that is if you do a countersunk into the aluminum being as thin as it is, it will actually weaken this products so instead it makes sense to leave the moutning holes where they are and put the recess screw on the outside of the plate. As for the slide rail, the testers of the product had greater ease sliding over logs without anything being in the way answering my questions. If you have any fell free to give us a shout, there is also the pdf attached showing how the skid plate is bolted on. 

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