Hepco & Becker Royster Street Soft Bag Black (One Side Only)

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The Royster bags are the latest soft luggage from Hepco & Becker to fit the ever popular C-Bow system. The C-Bow system is the term designated for bike specific mounts, also from Hepco & Becker, that allow you to attach lockable soft luggage to your bike. You can find these mounts under the “What Fit’s My Bike Section” after choosing the correct categories. The Royster name comes from the hard shelled Oyster found in the world’s oceans. Taking one look at the bags, you can see why thanks to the hardened design. The bags, sold in a pair, are specially formed to maintain their inimitable shape. Each one features side pockets molded from EVA material, two-way zippers for both storage compartments, and reflective material incorporated into the design. The outside of the bag is not only molded but coated with abrasion resistant polyester keeping the bags resistant to dirt and water. For serious downpours, waterproof inner bags made of polyester are provided to help keep your belongings dry. Hidden yet accessible, ergonomic handles are placed at the top of each bag for use when not on the bike. Available in two different colors being all black and all black with a yellow trim. Dimensions: 17.7” x 9.8” x 9.8” Volume: 15 liters Recommended Load: 11 pounds to each bag[THIS IS A SINGLE SIDE ONLY]

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upc 640.620 00 01.5
Brand Hepco & Becker
Fitment Universal
Product C-Bow Saddlebags