GB Racing Alternator Cover Kawasaki ZX6R / ZX636 2007-2020

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GB Racing motorcycle alternator covers are the best you can buy. When it comes to the competition, there is none. We can say this because the manufacturing process uses a proprietary high-impact composite made from 60% long glass fibered nylon. A material that is superior to any other trialed composite or aluminum cover. All motorcycle alternator covers are a quick bolt on application for fast and easy removal or replacement. Designed to fit over your existing OEM cover and not used as a replacement cover.

There are a number of benefits in addition to the style factor. These covers help keep the fluids in your motorcycle by adding an extra layer to contain them. That extra layer also acts as a temperature regulator dispersing the heat throughout the surface area. Your friends at the track will thank you if you happen to go down since you are a lot less likely to have a leak from worn material versus a cracked casing. Also great for saving your ears from excuses about having to go slow at turn 9. That extra layer also acts as a temperature regulator dispersing the heat throughout the surface area.

• Made from the same proprietary nylon material GB racing is known for
• Adds an extra layer to contain the fluid if you make contact on the tarmac
• Helps keep the temperature at a constant
• Saves on costly repairs and cracked engine cases

GB Racing manufactures the best bolt on motorcycle protection you can buy for your motorcycle. A bold yet true statement easily backed by the number of championships they have achieved with their products and by working alongside the world’s best race teams. GB Racing was the first company to receive product approval from the FIM, the global racing authority, and continue to improve their crash protection products from race teams and everyday customers. Their core product range is secondary engine covers amongst other protection such as frame sliders, chain guards, and axle sliders. GB Racing design and manufacture all products in house located in Hertfordshire, England. To say they are race enthusiasts would be an understatement to the sheer passion and joy they inject into the sport.

NOTE: Please be aware of counterfeit items. Many overseas companies have tried to copy the design and have done so poorly. Trust us; you do not want these on your bike. You will be able to tell from the lighter feel, packaging, and of course inferior packaging.

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Brand GB Racing
Fitment Bike Specific
Product Engine Cover