Exotogg Lightweight inflatable Bodywarmer Self Heated Vest

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Exotogg Lightweight Inflatable Bodywarmer. UNISEX.

Nobody enjoys being cold and uncomfortable outdoors, especially on your motorcycle. When Mother Nature takes a turn for the worse, as she so often does, Exotogg keeps you warm and comfortable. From short distance rides, to iron butt motorcycle challenges, Exotogg has your back; literally! Highly recommended for any motorcyclist as it is so compact it can be kept on the bike at all times given you have some storage already on the bike of course. 

The Exotogg vest is a self inflatated motorcycle mid layer that comes in both regular and short length versions. To use, simply slip the vest over your head and close the veclro straps like that of an old school show. Blow into the toggle as every airline attendant has exampled on their vests and with just a few breathes, you are ready to roll! The key is to not over inflate the vest as it only takes 3 or 4 large breathes to get the job done. This is not a kiddie pool you are blowing up! 

Using tough, recyclable TPU, the Exotogg provides highly efficient air-insulation, even when wet! It packs small and light, so you’re not weighed down with heavy and bulky sweaters. It’s antimicrobial & antibacterial so stays fresh for years to come. 

It’s versatile! Use your Exotogg as:

  • a pillow
  • a trail seat
  • a sleeping pad
  • a flotation device*
  • a splint*
  • an airline seat cushion
  • a dog cozy
  • a camera or wine-bottle protector

Enjoy your Exotogg guilt-free; no animals were harmed, and no animal products were used in the manufacture of this product. It doesn’t shed microfibers, and is fully recyclable.

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