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"Best Earplugs For Motorcycle Riding", Ed (Rider at Moto Machines) 

In all seriousness, how many times have you been on a ride with the noise being more than you anticipated? Leaving you to only wonder if maybe next time I should ride with earplugs or there has to be something better than these. Ironically, we don't want total isolation but some noise to be allowed through that earplug of yours to safely protect those ears of yours. 

There are so many reasons you should ride with motorcycle earplugs. The main reasons being wind noise from a motorcycle helemet, a loud ass exhaust, and perhaps a reason for wanting selective hearing... which can all be expensive problems to have unless you have some quality and affordable earplugs such as well, Alpine Earplugs. 

Even at relatively low speeds, there is a rushing of wind which is enough to cause hearing damage, now think of how fast we actually go on motorcycles. All of this exterior noise makes you become tired more quickly. Hence, less concentration on the road, in traffic, and at the track which can have serious consequences. All possible within a short commute to work or one lap around the track where the damage can be irreversible. Don't believe me? Here are the facts:  

SpeedAverage volume of wind noise under a helmet             Maximum time without risk of hearing damage
62 mph/hour 94 dB 15 minutes
75 mph/hour 98 dB 7 minutes
87 mph/hour 102 dB 3 minutes
99 mpg/hour 106 dB 90 seconds

Alpine Motosafe earplugs dampen the harmful sounds at a drastic rate. The volume is lowered to a safe level without a fully closed off feeling thanks to the special filters inside the plugs. You can still hear the traffic around you and remain focused on your motorcycle. Yes, you can even hear your SENA or Cardo intercom! These are also the only motorcycle earplugs on the market with soft filters, aka AlpineThermoShape that contains no silicones. In turn, this means they don't itch, irritate, and sweat. The material molds to your ear canal for optimum fit and attenuation. 

Which earplugs are right for me?
There are 3 different choices when it comes to motorcycle earplugs from Alpine Hearing Protection. Tour, Race, and Pro. 

Tour - One set for tours and long-distance travels on the highway (SNR 17) Medium attenuation

Race - One set for the race track or with an open helmet (SNR 20) Heavy attenuation

Pro - Two sets being one Tour and one Race (SNR17 / SNR20) Medium and Heavy attenuation

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