What is a Smart Helmet and What Makes it... Smart?

The next big upgrade in the motorcycle world is here and motorcyclists couldn’t be more excited. Smart Helmets are being developed by many distinct brands such as Intelligent Cranium Helmets, Sena, and Reevu Smart Helmets. These helmets are advancing in technology and this is just the beginning. So, what are so special about these helmets and what makes them smart?

Common Features
Smart Helmets often vary with the unique features that come with them, but mostly all have built in Bluetooth to connect your mobile phone to the helmet. With this connection, it allows the rider to be able to listen to music/podcasts in their own head space, listen to the GPS guidance from the mobile phone, and will also allow the wearer to talk on the phone through the helmet. This ensures the rider does not touch their phone while in the middle of a trip, which would be a huge step in the safety category.

One of the most helpful features in smart helmets are the built-in speakers and mics. This allows the user to take phone calls from their mobile phones without having to pull over. Another feature that comes with the built-in mics are voice command. With the Bluetooth connection, you could command your mobile phone to do all sorts of things such as change the music, answer a phone call, and send a text. All without getting off the bike or having to pull over!

The biggest feature to make note of is that most helmets come with ‘dash’ cameras installed into the top of it. With this feature, in the event of an accident or crash, the rider could go back and look what happened and how it happened. This would help the rider review and save the clip to prove they were not the cause of the accident and could also help learn from their mistakes.

The Future
The future is bright for the motorcycle world with the development and improvements to smart helmets. Screens on the helmets will soon have HUDs on them for the rider to see their speed, GPS directions, and the time. Also, with the innovative technology coming out, riders will be able to get a 360-degree look to ensure their safety from the vehicles around them. At Moto Machines, we believe that this is the way of the future. As the technology increases in these helmets, so does the safety. Smart Helmets, and all helmets, have a main priority of protection and safety of the rider. So, with all these new gadgets being reveled in the helmets, the companies number one priority is safety and that will never change.