Best Motorcycles And Tricks For Short People

Best Motorcycles And Tricks For Short People

Are you a short rider struggling to find the perfect motorcycle? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many motorcyclists face the challenge of finding a bike that fits their height and ensures a comfortable riding experience; regardless of their height.


In this article, we'll explore the needs of short riders and provide you with valuable tips and tricks to help you ride safely and comfortably. From customizing bikes to identifying the top low seat motorcycle models for short riders, we've got you covered.

  1. Understanding the Needs of Short Riders
    1. The Connection Between Seat Height and Riding Comfort
  2. Customizing Bikes for Height Challenges
  3. Top 9 Motorcycle Models for Short Riders
    1. How to Choose a Motorcycle if You’re Short
  4. Essential Gear and Accessories for Short Motorcyclists
  5. Overcoming Challenges: Tips for Riding Safely and Comfortably 
  6. Tricks and Techniques to Handle Taller Bikes
  7. Finding the Right Fit: Seat Height and Ergonomics


Understanding the Needs of Short Riders

Shorter riders face certain challenges when it comes to finding the right motorcycle. One of the biggest concerns is being able to place both feet flat on the ground while seated. This is crucial for balance and stability, especially when navigating through tight spaces or making sudden stops.

Additionally, shorter riders may struggle with maneuvering heavier or taller bikes, which can affect their overall confidence on the road.

When choosing a new motorcycle, it's essential to consider factors such as seat height, weight distribution, and overall ergonomics. By understanding these needs, you'll be better equipped to make informed decisions for your riding experience.

Seat height refers to the distance between the ground and the top of the motorcycle seat. It is an essential factor to consider because it directly affects a rider's posture, stability, and overall riding experience. 

Lower seat heights or bikes with narrow seats can make a significant difference in how secure a short rider feels while riding. However, a seat height that is too low can result in cramped leg positioning, discomfort, and restricted maneuverability.

Weight distribution is another key consideration for short riders. Bikes with a lower center of gravity (often thanks to a lower seat) can feel more manageable and stable, especially at slower speeds or when coming to a stop. 

Manufacturers are increasingly designing motorcycles with balanced weight distribution to cater to riders of varying heights, ensuring a smoother and more controlled riding experience for all.  


The Connection Between Seat Height and Riding Comfort

Comfort is a crucial aspect of motorcycle riding, regardless of your height. One additional benefit of a motorcycle with a low seat height is that it can make it easier to achieve an upright riding position. 

This is because it allows for a more relaxed and natural posture, reducing strain on the lower back and minimizing fatigue during long rides. It can also make navigating tight spaces, stopping and starting in traffic, and maneuvering the motorcycle at low speeds feel more comfortable.


Customizing Bikes for Height Challenges

There are various customization options available to help you achieve a better fit on a bike you already own. One of the most popular methods for lowering a motorcycle seat is to replace the stock seat with a narrower and lower aftermarket seat. 

Another common modification is lowering the bike's suspension. This can be done by adjusting the front and rear suspension components, effectively reducing the seat height and making it more accessible for shorter riders. However, this can impact other aspects of your riding experience, like ground clearance. It can potentially compromise the motorcycle's performance during aggressive cornering or when riding over obstacles

An additional option is adjusting the seat itself. Some motorcycles offer aftermarket seats with narrower profiles or lower cushioning, allowing shorter riders to comfortably reach the ground. You can also consider installing handlebar risers or adjustable footpegs to optimize your riding position and reduce strain on your body. For those with a short torso that need a lift, you can also buy products like the Amphibious Soft Seat for a little extra height.

It's essential to consult with a professional mechanic or motorcycle customization expert to ensure the modifications are performed correctly and safely.


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Top 9 Motorcycle Models for Short Riders

While customization can certainly help, starting with a motorcycle that is already suited for shorter riders can save you time, money, and effort. Here are some top motorcycle models that are known for their accommodating ergonomics:

  1. Honda Rebel 300: This stylish and approachable entry-level cruiser motorcycle is known for its user-friendly design, nimble handling, and fuel-efficient performance, making it a popular choice for beginners and urban riders alike. 
    1. Seat height: 27.2” 
    2. Engine type and horsepower: 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke with 25hp. 
    3. Price: from $4,849
  2. Kawasaki Ninja 400: A sporty and agile motorcycle, the Ninja 400 offers a thrilling riding experience. It is a favorite among riders seeking both performance and practicality in a lightweight package.
    1. Seat height: 30.9”
    2. Engine type and horsepower: 399 cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve DOHC parallel-twin with 49hp
    3. Price: from $5,299
  3. Suzuki SV650: Another versatile and popular middleweight motorcycle, this Suzuki is renowned for its lively V-twin engine, balanced handling, and comfortable ergonomics. It’s a great choice for commuting, canyon carving, and even entry-level racing.
    1. Seat height: 30.9”
    2. Engine type and horsepower: 645cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 90˚, V-twin with 75hp
    3. Price: from $7,299
  4. Yamaha MT-07: Known for its torquey parallel-twin engine and agile handling, this bike offers a thrilling and accessible riding experience suited for both city streets and twisty backroads.
    1. Seat height: 31.7”
    2. Engine type and horsepower: 689cc liquid-cooled, inline twin cylinder, DOHC CP2 engine with fuel injection and 73.8hp.
    3. Price: from $8,199
  5. KTM Duke 390: This bike is dynamic and performance-oriented, featuring a punchy single-cylinder engine, sharp handling, and aggressive styling. 
    1. Seat height: 32.5”
    2. Engine type and horsepower: 398.63 cc ; Engine Type, Single Cylinder, Liquid Cooled, DOHC, FI Engine with 44hp.
    3. Price: from $6,299
  6. Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 SuperLow: By combining classic Harley-Davidson styling with a low seat height and easy handling, this is an ideal choice for riders looking for a comfortable and confidence-inspiring cruiser experience.
    1. Seat height: 26.8”
    2. Engine type and horsepower: 883cc four stroke 45˚, V-twin, OHV, two valves per cylinder (for the 2016-2017 model year) with 68hp
    3. Price: Variable as new models are no longer in production. 
  7. Triumph Street Twin: A modern classic, this motorcycle blends timeless styling with contemporary performance, featuring a powerful parallel-twin engine, agile handling, and advanced technology, offering riders a thrilling and engaging ride with a nod to the brand's rich heritage.
    1. Seat height: 30.1” 
    2. Engine type and horsepower: 900cc liquid cooled, 8 valve, SOHC, 270° crank angle parallel twin with 64hp 
    3. Price: from $9,895
  8. BMW G 310 R: This compact and agile roadster motorcycle is designed for both commuting and spirited riding, featuring a responsive single-cylinder engine, nimble handling, and BMW's signature build quality. It is a great choice for riders seeking a versatile and reliable daily commuter with a touch of Bavarian sophistication
    1. Seat height: 30.9” 
    2. Engine type and horsepower: 313cc Water-cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke engine, four valves, two overhead camshafts and wet sump lubrication with 34hp
    3. Price: from $4,995
  9. Suzuki GSX250R: A sleek and sporty entry-level motorcycle, this bike is designed for riders seeking a blend of style, performance, and affordability. With its smooth parallel-twin engine, agile handling, and full-fairing design inspired by its larger GSX-R siblings, it offers an accessible yet exciting riding experience.
    1. Seat height: 31.1”
    2. Engine type and horsepower: 248cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC, parallel-twin with 25hp
    3. Price: from $5,099

These models feature lower seat heights, compact dimensions, and manageable weights, making them ideal for riders of shorter stature. Additionally, they offer ample power and performance, so you won't have to compromise on the thrilling riding experience.

How to Choose a Motorcycle if You're Short

When selecting a motorcycle as a short rider, it's essential to consider not only seat height but also factors such as narrow seats, slim fuel tanks, and low weight. These features can improve your ability to reach the ground and enhance maneuverability.

Furthermore, choosing a motorcycle with a narrower seat can also make a significant difference for shorter riders. A narrower seat allows for easier reach to the ground, providing more stability when coming to a stop. Additionally, opting for a bike with a lower center of gravity can make handling easier and boost confidence on the road.

Essential Gear and Accessories for Short Motorcyclists

When it comes to safety and comfort, having the right gear and accessories is crucial for every rider, especially for shorter motorcyclists. Here are some essential items to consider:

  • Helmet: Ensure that your helmet fits properly and provides adequate protection for your head.
  • Jackets and Pants: Look for riding gear specifically designed for shorter riders, as they tend to offer a more tailored fit.
  • Boots: Invest in boots with appropriate ankle support and a solid grip for stability.
  • Adjustable Levers: Consider installing adjustable brake and clutch levers to accommodate your hand size and reach.
  • Lowering Links: If you've opted for a motorcycle with a rear suspension, lowering links can further reduce the seat height for a better fit.

By equipping yourself with the right gear and accessories, you'll not only enhance your safety but also improve your overall riding experience as a short motorcyclist.

Additionally, for short motorcyclists, finding the perfect riding position is essential for both comfort and control. Consider adjusting your handlebars to a position that allows for a relaxed arm angle and a better reach to the controls. This can greatly reduce strain on your shoulders and wrists during long rides.

Overcoming Challenges: Tips for Riding Safely and Comfortably

Short riders may face unique challenges on the road, but with the right approach and mindset, these obstacles can be overcome. Here are some tips to help you ride safely and comfortably:

  1. Practice: Regular practice helps build confidence and improve your riding skills. Find an empty parking lot or a quiet road to practice slow-speed maneuvers and get comfortable with the bike's handling.
  2. Positioning: Position yourself properly on the motorcycle, with your feet on the balls and not the toes. This will allow you to maintain better control and help you reach the ground more easily.
  3. Observe Your Surroundings: Stay aware of your surroundings and anticipate potential hazards. Defensive riding is especially important for shorter riders, as it allows you to maximize your visibility and minimize the risks.
  4. Body Positioning: Adjust your body position to distribute weight efficiently. By leaning forward slightly and gripping the tank with your knees, you can improve stability and control over the bike.

Remember, riding safely and comfortably is a continuous learning process. Take your time, be patient, and don't hesitate to seek professional guidance if needed. With persistence and practice, you'll become a confident and skilled rider.


Tricks and Techniques to Handle Taller Bikes

Encountering a tall bike doesn't have to be a deal-breaker for shorter riders. With some tricks and techniques, you can conquer the challenge of handling taller motorcycles: 

  1. One Foot Down: When coming to a stop, try to place one foot down firmly instead of relying on both feet. This can improve balance and stability, making it easier to control the bike.
  2. Slide Sideways: If you find yourself struggling to put both feet down, practice sliding your hips slightly to one side of the seat. This technique can help you reach the ground more comfortably.
  3. Gradual Changes: As you gain confidence and experience, consider gradually increasing the height of the seat or suspension. By slowly introducing more height, you can challenge yourself and expand your comfort zone.

By implementing these tricks and techniques, you'll be able to handle taller bikes with greater ease, opening up a whole new world of motorcycling possibilities.


Finding the Right Fit: Seat Height and Ergonomics

Ultimately, finding the right fit is essential for short riders to enjoy their motorcycling experience to the fullest. When exploring different motorcycle options, pay close attention to seat height and ergonomics.

Sit on various models, and test how well your feet touch the ground. Take note of how easily you can reach the handlebars and controls, ensuring that you feel comfortable and in control.

Additionally, don't be afraid to consult with motorcycle dealers or experienced riders. They can offer valuable insights and recommendations based on their own experiences.

Remember, the right fit goes beyond seat height – it's about finding a motorcycle that instills confidence and allows you to fully embrace the joys of motorcycling.

Being a short rider doesn't mean you have to settle for less when it comes to motorcycles. By understanding your needs, exploring customization options, identifying suitable motorcycle models, and applying essential tips and tricks, you'll be well on your way to finding the best motorcycles and tricks for short people. 

Got questions about accessorizing your bike to make it work better for your height? Feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to talk through your unique situation and make recommendations for how you can achieve the perfect ride.

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