BikePenR Motorcycle GPS Mount BMW R1200GS Adv -2013 / F800GS Adv 2013-

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BikePenR motorcycle GPS mounts are of the highest quality you can find. They are intelligently designed in the Netherlands to be centrally positioned on the motorcycle without obscuring your point of view to the motorcycle’s dashboard. Don’t bother with an inferior plastic mount to secure your highly valuable GPS unit. The last thing you want on a long distance motorcycle trip is to lose your GPS on the side of the road. Touching on the design, BikePenR has proprietary rubber mounts built in to absorb vibrations. These beautiful mounts look like they were part of the bike from factory; all are made from CNC machined aluminum with an anodized finish for strength and longevity.

These mounts are compatible with the following GPS:
Garmin: Streetpilot, Montana, Zumo series 2** LM, 3** LM, 5** LM, 6**LM and XT
TomTom: Rider 5**, 4**, 5, 2, Pro and Urban Rider
BMW Navigator: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Adventure

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