Amphibious X-Light Evo - Air Storage For Delicate Items

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The Amphibious X-Light Evo is a waterproof bag for delicate items that you don't want getting wet, simple as that. Or is it? 

The bag uses the same air valve technology that we see in their motorcycle softseats. Simply buckle the bag closed at the top and then roll it up. At the same time, you can let out the air to compress it down to the smallest size or leave the air in to protect the contents inside. Ya, pretty simple. 

Details, aka the not so simple part. The bags are constructed in UL 70 D TPU. This material is benificial in more ways than one. To starty they are super strong yet light and flexible. Made of TPU, they are hypoallergenic and soft skin friendly. These bags are great for adding an extra volum of comfort around a delicate item such as your gopro or sena used for those epic motorcycle vlogs. Each bag can be used to store your dry or wet clothes, keeping them in the same condition you inted them to be. 

Available in 5, 15, and 30 liter sizes. 

More Information
upc FDV-2005
Brand Amphibious
Product Textile Saddlebags
Fitment Universal