Amphibious Ride and Dry Motorcycle Gear Drying Bag

Out Of Stock, Backorder Available 1-4 Weeks

For those who need to dry their clothes but can't remove their hands from the handlebars.

Amphibious Products of Italy have combined the experience of highly technical products for outdoor adventure together with the technical membrans of GUGLATECH. Yes, GUGLATECH. Not making this up, honest. This is a special HP3D membrane mesh that allows a serious amount of ventilation through the bag but just the right amount to make sure no dust get's into the clothes you are trying to make clean. You could say it is the equivalent of adding a race filter to your motorcycle or the only way you will be doing laundry from now on. 

The closure with use of velcro prevents any dust from entering the opening. A structure and design which keeps the design simple, the bag small, and the strength to the degree needed. There are 4 D-Rings attached to the bag that allow you to strap it down how you like. It is highly recommended that you use a Amphibious multi-fix strap system to tie down the bag which can be found under the part number MFX-02

The bag does come with a nylon rope and hooks to use for the bag when hang drying. 

The maximum volume of the bag is 6 liters and weighs 0.4 pounds. 

More Information
upc RD-01
Brand Amphibious
Product Textile Saddlebags
Fitment Universal