Orbit TC 54

Posted by Moto Machines on 7/7/2015
The Orbit top case brings a redesign to not only the style, but the method in which it installs onto the rear rack. The latch mechanism has been designed so that it fits perfectly and effortlessly into the hollow space of the Alurack, replacing the need for a top bow. Because of this, it is now possible to install the top case with a universal Alurack specifically meant for the Oribt (part number 610.149 00 01), at a fraction of the cost, provided your bike has an existing rack or plate.

The Orbit top case features a robust appearance thanks to a carbon like pattern unique to Hepco & Becker, along with a newly designed 3D Hepco & Becker logo. Space is of no concern when you are provided a 54 liter capacity large enough to hold two full size helmets. In addition to this, the top case comes with an inner strap to keep your belongings in palce when traveling light. A yellow gasket is used to help waterproof the top case, keeping your belongings dry from the elements.

Available accessories: Top Case Rail, Backrest, Inner Bag