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Moto Machines is the current importer for Amphibious Products, Ermax, Hepco & Becker, and Pyramid Plastics. We offer parts and accessories not just for the main stream bikes out there on the road but those hard to find models. We keep as much in stock as possible in order to serve both the retail and wholesale market here in the USA.

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The following information will provide a brief overview of each brand we carry. It is important to note that the best way to search the site for your motorcycle is by using the What Fits My Bike categories filtered by make and model. In order to keep the website easily searchable, all Hepco & Becker cases are located in the hard luggage categories found further down the left hand side of the page. We feel this is necessary due to how many luggage options Hepco & Becker provides. While some companies only offer one hard case, we have over 30 different styles and sizes just for the side cases! This sorting method also applies to soft and leather luggage options.

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Amphibious Products

Amphibious is an Italian company that designs bags, duffell bags, backpacks, waist packs, and accessories that help keep your goods dry! All products are waterproof and seal tight to preserve the inside from water, humidity, dust, sand, and dirt. This company started out only making items for outdoor sports such as climbing, skiing, snow boarding, sailing, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, rafting, spelunking, hunting, and fishing to name a few... Since motorcyclists were using Amphibious products while on two wheels, it only made sense to create motorcycle specific products. Today we are happy to supply the Amphibous Moto Bag, Upbag, and Soft seat to name a few.


Ermax is a Plastics Technology company at the forefront of aerodynamic design and 3d engineering for motorcycles. Their products include windshields, seat covers, belly pans, air scoops, undertails, and more! The company was founded in Marseilles, France by Roger Sabater in 1978 and has grown considerably since. What sets this company apart is their fun and vibrant take on the industry due to the countless color options. When buying a new motorcycle you will be provided with a clear windshield but in order to make the bike truly yours, Ermax provides different color options based on model. In addition to the windshield, plastic body parts for these motorcycles are available in colors of your choosing or those matched to the factory specs!

Hepco & Becker

Hepco & Becker is a German company that offers the widest range of luggage and protection in the industry such as rear racks, side carriers, complete racks, engine guards, tank guards, hard luggage, soft luggage, tank bags, and more. The company has items dating all the way back to the 1970's and has a current catalog for over 700 different motorcycle models. Please take a minute or two to familiarize yourself with how the luggage systems work below and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us as this information can be a lot to take in.

Please click the link Hepco & Becker Fitment to see the Hepco & Becker cheat sheet for a quick fitment overview based on all the products they offer.

To begin, you will need to decide what type of luggage you would like for your bike whether it is a tank bag, top case, side cases, or soft luggage. By browsing the what fits my bike category to find your bike, you will see all the available mounting options that are specific to your motorcycle. For example, if a rear rack is shown then you will have the option to mount any hard top case from the hard luggage category.

Top Case
Hepco & Becker offer a Rear Rack, Rear Alurack, and Rear Easy Rack for most bikes that all allow fitment of hard top cases from Hepco & Becker. The standard Rear Rack from Hepco & Becker often applies to older motorcycle models as that is the first rear rack design to be made available, it will be set apart from the other racks because it will be made completely out of tubular steel. The Rear Alurack is cast aluminum that has a modern look to it. The Easy Rack differs to the Alurack because the top bow has the option to fold down when not in use. Each of these mounts will accept any hard top case from Hepco & Becker. Any rear rack from H&B will work with a H&B C-Bow carrier or side carrier for that same model bike.

Side Cases
To mount side cases, you will need either a side carrier or complete rack. The side carrier only allows for the side cases to be mounted on the bike whereas the complete rack allows both the side cases and top cases to be mounted. Once you have chosen the mounting system for your bike, you can choose from any of the hard sided cases in the Hepco & Becker product range. Gobi and Xplorer cases for example, are the most popular for adventure touring bikes. Junior and Journey cases offer an elegant but rugged solution to your motorcycle luggage needs. The Alu standard and Alu Exclusiv are classic all aluminum designs executed to a high quality. Some Hepco & Becker side carriers are available in the “Lock-It System” which allows quick and easy removal of the mounting frames from the bike by using a quarter turn fastener. All that gets left behind are the base mounting tabs that are hardly noticeable when compared to the full kit.

For sport bikes, a luggage rack that goes in place of the passenger seat is available which is also known as the Sportrack from Hepco & Becker. This rack mounts just like the passenger seat but instead of a cushy place for another passenger you have a nice base to strap down your belongings.

This makes it important to check what fits your bike in the catalog or online by the “What fits my bike” section of the website. In all cases where a side carrier and a rear rack are shown as available for your bike, they can be mounted together.

C-Bow Bags
Hepco & Becker offer a C-Bow system for over 200 models that allows you to attach lockable soft luggage to your motorcycle. This system is designed for Street soft bags and C-Bow only Leather bags. Street soft bags are available in 3 different styles being the Original, Oval, and Royster that can all be found under the soft luggage category. Leather bags come in two different versions where you will need to select the C-Bow only version. The mounting system is called the C-Bow carrier because it consists of a very discrete C shaped mounting plate. This plate is bolted to strong points of the motorcycle such as the rear sub frame or passenger foot peg. The C-bow allows you to slide the bag on from the top and lock it in place with the turn of a key!

Leather Bags
Leather bags for the side of your motorcycle come in two different versions being the C-Bow only version and the Leather Bag Holder version. The C-Bow only version is by far the most popular and will only work with the C-Bow carrier. The standard version of the leather bag gives you the option to mount the bag on either a standard side carrier or leather bag holder. The difference between a Hepco & Becker side carrier and leather bag holder is the shape of the frame. The side carrier is shaped like a rectangle and accepts Hepco & Becker hard luggage where the leather bag holder is shaped like a rhombus and does not accept hard luggage. Since the introduction of the C-Bow carrier, leather bag mounts have become less and less popular. The hardware that comes with these leather bags allow you the choice to position the mounts to your liking. Leather bags that are mounted to an existing rear rack are simply strapped down and do not need a special mounting system. It should be noted that the Strayker bags open upwards and towards the seat and are generally not compatible with top cases.

Tank Bags
Hepco & Becker have recently come out with magnetic tank bags that lock to the bike using the tank ring of the motorcycle or a custom mount for those bikes that do not have a typical tank ring.

Pyramid Plastics

Pyramid Plastics is an English company that is known for their world famous Extenda Fenda. This product attaches to the rear of the front fender to provide protection from debris found on every road. In addition to this one item, they also offer other products such as the rear hugger, shock guard, frame infill panels, and more.

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